Add a Call to action (CTA)

1. What is a Call to action (CTA)

A call to action is a short statement that asks people to do something. It is used in marketing and sales to get customers to take the next step. For example, a call to action can ask people to click a link, buy a product, or contact the seller for advice

 Call to action (CTA)
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2. How to add a Call to action (CTA) to your virtual tour

Step 1: In your project, access the Marketing tab. Then choose the Call to Action section and click “Add field”

 Call to action (CTA)
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Step 2: Fill in your information

 Call to action (CTA)
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  1. Title
  2. The type of your CTA appearance: You can choose the icon or image
  3. Choose the icon of your CTA if your appearance selection above is an icon or upload an image for the image selection.
  4. Choose your type of CTA you want: Telephone, Link, Mail, Whatsapp, Viber
  5. Fill in the content of CTA. For example, if you choose the Telephone, you need to fill in your phone number

Step 3: Click Update if you want to save or Delete if you want to remove

You can also change the CTA’s design in the Design tab

Add a Call to action (CTA) 8

Note: You can create multiple CTA for a virtual tour