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Utilizing virtual tours can transform the tourism industry by providing a compelling and interactive preview of destinations, encouraging travelers to turn their virtual experiences into real-world adventures.
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Open Doors for All Travelers
Travel for all! Virtual tours promote accessibility for travelers with limitations, creating a more inclusive tourism experience. This opens doors for a wider range of people to experience the world, fostering a more diverse and vibrant travel landscape.

Save Time & Resources
Go digital, save big! Virtual tours are a cost-effective marketing tool. Ditch expensive brochures and reach a wider audience with a single online resource. Plus, virtual tours can be easily updated, maximizing your return on investment.

Plan the Perfect Trip, Virtually
Tailor your travels! Virtual tours with interactive features allow travelers to personalize their exploration based on their interests, ensuring a trip perfectly suited to them. Imagine foodies virtually sampling local cuisine or nature lovers scouting breathtaking hiking trails!

Make your own virtual tour

Create immersive virtual tours yourself - capture 360° views and share them with the world!
Plan and Prepare
Before diving in, plan your virtual tour's purpose, audience, and sequence, prepping your filming location for a smooth shoot.
Capture Panoramas
Capture high-quality, 360-degree panoramic images of your space using a 360° camera.
Upload Panoramas
Upload your panoramic images to Panoee to create a smooth, 360° virtual environment.
Edit Your Virtual Tour
Enhance your virtual tour with interactive hotspots, informative text overlays, and customizations using Panoee's editing tools.
Publish Your Virtual Tour
Publish your virtual tour on Panoee and choose the best way to share it, whether embedding it on your website, generating a link, or exporting it.
Share Your Virtual Tour
Spread the word about your virtual tour by sharing it on social media, email marketing, embedding it on your website, or using QR codes.
Panoee - best Virtual Tour software on G2

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