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I have tested your product. It is very cool! I have been looking for a similar service for a long time. I'm glad I found it. It seems to me that this should be the best photopanoram service in the world. With such speeds of innovation, it's not far off. Good luck!
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100% good product.
Basically they have done the user interface & user experience very well, it works really fast and intuitive just like i expected from an Web App. With drag & drop & customize panel, this product seem being inspired by Figma for Virtual Tour software. I can manage lots of projects & publish a new one within minutes, just upload the Panorama & drag to create connection and then everything is ready to share or embed on my website. They even did SEO automatically, so the Tour looks well when my post display on Twitter or Facebook.
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A big thank you to all the team for the nice work!
As they say on their web page, (and I can confirm it after half day of searching through various pricy pay-per-month alternatives), Panoee is "The Only 360° Virtual Tour Software, FREE with Premium Features". I don't usually write reviews, but the guys who have developed this software deserve it. I am astonished by the fact that only a few people know about Panoee, but this is probably because it is still new. If they maintain the promise to keep it free, it will basically kill all the other Virtual Tour softwares.
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100+ Features

Essential Virtual Tour Toolkit

Unlimited High-quality Virtual Tour
Private & Public Virtual Tour
Password Control Access
12 types of interactive Hotspots
6 types of Hotspot style
Custom Domain
Export Virtual Tour support
Customize Theme & Brand Guideline
eCommerce support (Paypal, Shopify,...)
Virtual Staging / Split Screen
Enhancement with Brightness & Sharpening tool
Lens flare
Polygon Hotspot support
Media Hotspot support
Green Screen / Chroma key Screen
Integrate to website w/ embed code
Customer Logo & Copyright
Floorplan with Markers
Integrate Google Map
SEO metadata Optimization
Detail Google Analytic
Integrate Live chat script
Lead Form Capture
Adaptive Background sound
Pano management with albums
Advanced Zoom & View control
Auto-rotate & Auto-change scene
Basic VR support
Nadir Logo with URL

5 Reasons to love

Panoee supports super high-resolution Panoramas and renders them into fully Multi-resolution 360 interactive media, which work best on all devices from mobile to 60'' screens.
Anyone can use Panoee at zero cost. There's no limit on the number of the Virtual Tour or how many & how big the Panoramas you can use, as long as you need to build & publish a Virtual Tour.
Panoee is created to be the essential tool for 360 Photographers, and we respect the ownership. Put the copyright the way you want, host on your server or ours, and even use your domain. Everything is under your control.
We build the infrastructure on AWS that can scale and serve a vast amount of big requests; the platform works so fast thanks to PWA (Progressive Web App), and the KRPano viewer makes the Tour experience smooth on any device.
Panoee is the Virtual Tour Software of Professionals, but for everyone. It has beautiful interfaces and is designed to be so easy to use. You can customize almost any property from Panorama, Scene, Hotspot, Interaction, Media, Publishing, etc.


Custom Domain
View Limit
Panorama Management
Work Online
Work with slow Hardware
Optimized Workflow
  • Free to use
  • 20Gb Free hosting
  • $18/month
  • Limited Free Plan.
  • $49/month for full features
  • Limited Free Plan.
  • $48/month for full features
  • $553 One-time
  • $9/month/1GB Hosting

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