What happens to my Projects when I stop subscribing?

Essentially your Projects will still stay on the platform, and your Virtual Tours will continue to be accessible usually without any restriction, including advanced features.

Your Plan will automatically switch to the "Be friend" Plan, and you can still access all your Projects' editors. You can keep using free features while the premium ones are locked from editing.

You can also upload new media if the usage storage is not exceeding 3Gb of free data.

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely. You can ask for a refund whenever you feel unsatisfied with the service. Just send us your request to, and the refund will be processed in a few days without questions.

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes! If you decide to cancel your subscription plan, the changes will be reflected in the next billing cycle. You can continue using your current subscription until it expires.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can use any major credit card service like VISA or Mastercard. We integrate the well-known payment gateway Stripe, which comes with a complete set of security features so you can feel guaranteed.

In any case, you can re-check your invoices and ask for our support if you need anything.

How is the monthly pricing calculated?

Panoee Pro plan starts at $22/month Subscription Plan and usage storage fee for all premium users. With 20 GB Data, you will only be charged if exceeding, and we calculate the billing by $0.12 per every additional 1Gb of Data.

For example, if you use 50Gb of Storage data, you would be charged $22 + (50Gb - 22Gb) * $0.12 = $25.36 at the end of the month.

The invoice is issued at the end of the month.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes! We offer a 14-day trial of the Companion plan (MONTHLY). After that period, you will receive a special discount for the first month's use.

Can I use Panoee for free forever with no strings attached?

Absolutely! Don't worry about the pricing if you need basic Virtual Tours with basic features to showcase your photography. Panoee is entirely free to use! The Free Plan does have some limitations; however, you can upgrade your subscription plan anytime you want!

I thought Panoee was unlimited Free forever?

Absolutely. Panoee is still a free platform and will keep being free, as we declared in our manifesto.

During one year of running Panoee, we continuously did the survey and found out that most of our users only use 20% of essential features. But in the meantime, we also collected lots of feedback or request for specific customization or to upgrade new advanced features. So we decided to re-design our business model to meet this emerging need, which allows us to provide more features and benefits sustainably in 5-10 years.

Anyway, we believe this change will bring more value to our community, as Panoee can have more resources to develop more features quickly, including free ones. Simultaneously, this provides the Panoee team a guarantee, a commitment to keep maintaining Panoee as an essential Platform for everyone, for any needs of creating & publishing Virtual Tours.

Can I see some projects made with Panoee?
How can I contribute to Panoee?

We are happy to hear feedback or new ideas to make Panoee more complete and more functional. Just fill out this form and we will reply or update your request on our public Roadmap.

We are also looking for opportunities for collaboration that can make Panoee more well-known or multiply the value by integrating with available systems.

How long are new Panoee versions supported?

We continuously push a new update every week on our Roadmap. But you can sign up for a new account here or follow our Facebook to get the latest update immediately.

Can I use Panoee API?

For the time being, no. We do, however, intend to deliver API shortly.

What is the best way to learn Panoee?

We believe that Panoee is one of the Virtual Tour software with the most intuitive interface on the market. So you can quickly learn how to use it within minutes.

However, if you have any issue getting familiar with Panoee, you can go to our Knowledge base at or ping us on our live chat tool or drop an email to us at

Can I see your Roadmap for Panoee?
Is your Public Tour 360 good for SEO?

Yes! We auto-configure all Virtual Tours to be SEO friendly. Furthermore, you can manually update the metadata tag to optimize SEO on-page and expand Google's indexing capability.

Where is the Infrastructure hosted?

Panoee was deployed and operated on the Amazon Web Service (AWS). The Infrastructure was designed to auto-scale & serve a considerable amount of big requests.

Panoee assures that the Servers can handle numerous queries while maintaining excellent performance by optimizing modern architecture.

We also use security standards to ensure the safety of our customers' data. Your panoramas are saved in the cloud and possibly accessible at any time.

What can I do with Panoee?

You can create and manage as many Virtual Tour as you can with Panoee and publish them on the Internet. You can make it accessible on the Website / Forum / or Social Media via direct link, embedded code, or QR.

What makes you different from other softwares?

Used to be 360 Photographers, we have incredibly high standards with the essential of a Virtual Tour. For example, Multi-resolution should be a must; and you don't have to downsize a 200Mb panorama to make it compatible with the software.

We also want to make it more affordable for everyone, not only the professionals. So the solution should be very cheap to start with and should have various options for hosting the Virtual Tours.

Last but not least, Panoee has the vision to become a sales funnel that can help the Photographers, the Owners, and the Consumers earn more value from the 360 experience.

How do I get support?

You can contact directly with Panoee team via social media channels such as Facebook or Telegram, live-chat tool on the website, or email

Why do you use KRPano?

KRPano is a fantastic tool for rendering 360 photos. It has excellent performance, a good reputation, and frequent updates.

When using KRPano, we ensure that the generated image is of excellent quality and optimized, that the download time of the Virtual Tour is quick, and that the experience is smooth.

Using KRPano as a viewer allows us to focus on more important features that can make the Virtual Tour more impressive, more interactive & more useful.

Why do you do what you do?

We have an unusual fate with Virtual Tour, and we have started our journey for a long time. We have been doing 360 photography since 2013. After going through everything, we realize that the Photographers need a solution that helps them make high-quality Virtual Tour faster and more efficient.

Almost all the solutions on the market right now have flawless that make them far from perfect. They might be too expensive, have too many limitations, or not have enough customization capability. The most important thing is that they forget that the Virtual Tour should be a sales funnel to create profit.

And that's why we created Panoee.

What platforms are supported ?

We built Panoee on a web-based; therefore, it is compatible with all major browsers.

Furthermore, being a Progressive Web App (PWA), Panoee can also be saved as an application on Windows and MacOS, allowing you to access it easily from the Taskbar.

Where do I learn more ?