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Panoee’s affiliate program stands out with industry-leading commission rates of up to 30%, tiered rewards, and performance-based bonuses. 
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This program is all about Reciprocation, Respect & Appreciation. We hope this can give you a chance to help your friends.
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You’ll receive recurring commissions for every new user who subscribes to a Panoee plan using your referral link or self-generated coupon, providing a steady stream of passive income.
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This can bring you guys more freedom, joyfulness, or sometimes just a cup of coffee.
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Panoee‘s affiliate program is an innovative initiative designed to reward our advocates for sharing their passion for our exceptional virtual tour software.
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One share and you help our community to spread more and bring more value as it deserves.
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Can I use Panoee API?
For the time being, no. We do, however, intend to deliver API...
Can I see your Roadmap for Panoee?
Yes! We keep our Roadmap at up to date. To receive new updates, please sign up for a new...
Can I cancel my subscription plan?
Yes! If you decide to cancel your subscription plan, the changes will be reflected in the next billing cycle. You can continue using your current subscription until it...
Can I see some projects made with Panoee?
Yes, you can find the real projects made with Panoee in our Gallery...
Can I use Panoee for free forever with no strings attached?
Absolutely! Don’t worry about the pricing if you need basic Virtual Tours with basic features to showcase your photography. Panoee is entirely free to use! The Free Plan does have some limitations; however, you can upgrade your subscription...
Do you have an Affiliate program?
Yes, we have the Affiliate program for all signed-up users. Learn more about the Affiliate...

3 Steps to get your shares

Panoee’s affiliate program stands out from the crowd, offering many benefits and unique features that set it apart from other affiliate programs in the virtual tour market segment. Here’s why you should choose Panoee:
Step 1
Sign up for an Panoee account.
Skip if you already have.
Step 2
Generate your unique referral link
or personal coupon code
Step 3
Share your link with your network
through various channels

How Does It Work?

Joining our affiliate program is a seamless process.
Simply sign up, generate your unique referral link or personal coupon code, and start promoting Panoee’s virtual tour solutions to your network.

Whenever someone subscribes to a Panoee plan using your link, you’ll receive a recurring commission, ensuring a steady stream of revenue.
The right table show clear explanation of your commission and your partner’s discount for each pack

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Who is Suitable to Become an Affiliate?

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Bloggers and Influencers
Expand your reach, enhance your content, and earn substantial income by promoting Panoee’s immersive virtual tour solutions.
Virtual Tour Creators
Showcase your expertise, expand your network, and generate new leads by recommending Panoee’s advanced virtual tour solutions.
Real Estate Agents
Elevate your listings, captivate buyers, and close more deals by integrating Panoee’s virtual tours into your property presentations.
Passive Income Seekers
Earn recurring income with Panoee’s affiliate program’s generous commission rates and recurring revenue structure.
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