Panoee Features

The next-gen Virtual Tour builder

11 types of Hotspot

  • Scene Hotspot
  • Media Hotspot
  • Chevron
  • Images
  • Video
  • Article
  • Link
  • Sound
  • Tour Guide
  • Lens Flare
  • Callout
Panoee provides the most types of informative & interactive hotspots. Choose from scene connect, media, images, article, video, sound, link, combo, tour guide & lens flare – each with flexible styling and behavior options to enhance your tour's interactivity.

Comprehensive Virtual Tour platform

  • Unlimited Publishing
  • Unlimited Panorama
  • Multi-Resolution support
  • 2D & 3D scene compatible
  • Scene Management
  • View Control
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Background Sound
  • Auto rotate & change Scene
  • Little planet Intro
Panoee offers an intuitive platform for creating virtual tours with boundless possibilities. Experience unlimited scenes, panoramas, and projects, ensuring the highest quality for your 2D and 360 images with multiresolution support. Customize every aspect of your tours – scenes, hotspots, design, and more – all accessible from any device.

Publish Google Street View

  • Drag and drop editing
  • Positioning
  • Set north
  • Real-time editing
  • Create virtual tour at the same time
  • 1-click publishing
  • Connecting with businesses
  • Lat/lng coordinate
  • Website embedded
  • Connectivity metadata
Unlimited publishing your virtual tours directly into Google Street View via the easiest workflow, which allows connecting scenes by just drag-and-drop; all within a single interface. Enjoy unlimited panoramas and resolution support for the highest quality result.

Marketing & Sale Bundle

  • URL thumbnail image
  • Customizable SEO features
  • Metadata optimization
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Detailed view counters
  • Live chat support
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Lead capture tools
  • Conversion tracking capabilities
  • Website embedded
Optimize your virtual tour's visibility with Panoee's customizable SEO features, including favicon, meta data, and featured images. Track engagement with integrated Google Analytics and detailed view counters. Drive conversions with live chat, call-to-action buttons, and scenario-based lead capture tools.

Publishing Virtual Tours

  • Instant tour publishing
  • Customizable URL slugs
  • Iframe embedding flexibility
  • Password protection feature
  • Offline download capability
  • Custom domain integration
  • SEO metadata optimization
  • Public/private visibility toggle
  • Free hosting with Panoee S3 hosting
  • Social media sharing options
Panoee offers instant virtual tour publishing with customizable slugs and flexible embedding via an iframe. Protect your tours with passwords when needed, download them for offline use or delivery, and seamlessly integrate them into your own website with custom domain options.

Showcase with Portfolio

  • 24/7 virtual sales tool
  • Customizable portfolio layouts
  • Easy contact management
  • Effortless client attraction
  • Professional project presentation
  • Category-based organization
  • View, like, share tracking
  • Device-responsive display
  • Brand style matching
  • Seamless viewing experience
Panoee empowers everyone to create a stunning 360 photography portfolio that works as your 24/7 sales tool. Showcase your Virtual Tours, customize the layout, and easily manage contact information to attract potential clients effortlessly.

Customize Design & Brand

  • Customizable themes
  • Extensive layout options
  • Personalized hotspots creation
  • Custom dialog boxes
  • Interactive floorplan integration
  • Brand logo incorporation
  • Copyright display options
  • Nadir image customization
  • Text color
  • Popup intro
Panoee empowers you to craft visually stunning virtual tours with its 7 customizable themes and extensive layout options. Enhance your tours with personalized hotspots, dialogs, floorplans, and more, while seamlessly integrating your brand's logo, copyright, and nadir for a cohesive experience.

Cloud Storage to manage Panorama & Media

  • Secure asset storage
  • Effortless file organization
  • Original asset retrieval
  • Folder-based managemen
  • High-quality support
  • Easy access anytime
  • Fast content delivery network
  • Scalable storage solutions
  • Reliable backup system
  • Integration with Tools
Securely store and manage all your high-quality panorama & media assets with Panoee's built-in cloud storage. The only Virtual Tour platform that helps effortlessly organize files into folders, access & retrieve your original assets anytime.

Collaboration Mode

  • Direct user feedback collection
  • Integrated comment system
  • Feedback filter options
  • Status sorting capabilities
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Efficient conversational interface
  • Task creation and management
  • Feedback reply functionality
  • Task completion tracking
  • Edit and delete tasks
The only Virtual Tour platform that allows you to collect users' feedback directly within your Tours. Streamline collaboration with the integrated comment system, and effortlessly manage feedback using filter and status sorting

Virtual Staging

Elevate your virtual tours with cutting-edge virtual staging features. Panoee is the first cloud-based platform that offers day-to-dusk effects, split-screen views, and multiple staging options for a dynamic viewing experience.

Multi-Language Support

Effortlessly translate your virtual tours to reach a global audience. Panoee's multi-language feature offers centralized content management for seamless localization.

Essential 360 Virtual Tour Toolkit

What you need is a landing page that acts like your tireless salesperson, converting browsers into buyers 24/7. Businesses choose us for:
  • Unique IDs
    Each task has its own unique ID to distinguish them.
  • Unique IDs
    Each task has its own unique ID to distinguish them.
  • Unique IDs
    Each task has its own unique ID to distinguish them.
  • Unique IDs
    Each task has its own unique ID to distinguish them.

Our RoadMap

Here’s a Roadmap of what you’ll get in future updates and what we’ve already done
Already Done
Upcoming Features
Tour Editor supports multi-language
Everyone can enjoy your Panoee’s virtual tours in their ow
New Theme "Folio"
A sleek and modern theme that will make your virtual tour lo
Learn more
New Theme "Default 2.0"
Brand new FREE theme for all users grabbing attention and ma
Learn more
New Pay-as-you-go plan
Pay only for what you need for your account with a low pric
Learn more
Compact Hotspot: One Hotspot with Many Hotspots in It
Group different kinds of hotspots into one icon, and save sp
Learn more
Projection mode
Tailor how viewers experience your virtual tours
Learn more
Multi-language Interface
Create and edit your virtual tours in your own native langua
Learn more
Custom Domain feature Improvement
Showcase your virtual tours under your own domain name easie
Learn more
New Article hotspot layout
Give you the freedom to present your content of your Article
Learn more
Scene supports Flat Image
Imagine using any regular image as your canvas – a map, a
Learn more
Launching free Hosting tool
Compatibility is a breeze with the Panoee S3 hosting service
Learn more
Publish Google Street View
Publishing virtual tours created with Panoee onto Google Str
Learn more
Hotspot Support in VR Mode
Experience virtual reality (VR) content on a device such as
Wizard creating new Project
Make your tour production faster than ever
Pop-up intro equipped with sound
Background music volume adjustment ability
More options for Hotspot Shape
Portfolio with Theme
Choose Icons on Toolbar / Customize Control Bar
Enable / Disable "Drag Mode"
Export Project
Add option for sorting assets
Setting for default "Control Mode"
Release Yearly Plan
Rename items in Media library
🍀 Launching Affiliate Model
🥇 Launching "Promotion" Area
Collaboration Mode
✨New Theme: WALL✨
Customize Favicon on Marketing Tab
Integrate WhatsApp & Viber
Call-to-Action Buttons
Add live chat support "Facebook Messenge"
Option to always ask Password whenever the Tour is loaded
Option to generate the SEO featured image manually.
Inherit pre-configured Theme
Collection for Hotspot Icons
Integrate Live Chat
"Thumbnail" Style for Point Hotspot
"Lottie" Style for Hotspot
Add Brand Logo
Password Access
Media Management
Improve Workflow to set Target View
Improve handling big-sized Panorama
Follow Mode
Lens Flare
Nadir Logo
Toggle Gyro Mode
Chrome Key Mask
Add options for preview thumbnail Hotspot
HTML Media Hotspot
Display Interactive Map with Markers (Google Map)
Analytic Event
Add type "Text" for Media Hotspot
Lead Capture
Search filters for Projects
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Submit an Idea 💡
Matterport Integration
Bring your Matterport tours to Panoee
Dollhouse / 3D interactive floorplan
A captivating 3D overview of virtual tour spaces, allowing y
Learn more
Detail Analytic (Scene view & Hotspot click counter)
Provides in-depth insights into user engagement by tracking
Highly recommended by global Experts
Panoee is a leader in Virtual Tour on G2