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Panoee is the free virtual tour software for creating immersive 3D 360 tours for real estate, hospitality, tourism, architecture, education, museums, and art galleries.
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Real Estate Virtual Tour

Showcase your Property in 3D
A real estate virtual tour is a 360-degree interactive experience that allows potential buyers to remotely explore a property as if they were physically present, helping them make informed decisions.
  • Captivate buyers with immersive 360° property panoramas.
  • Provide essential context with floor plans and Google Maps.
  • Automate lead generation with 24/7 live chat support.
  • Display contact information prominently for easy agent access.
  • Boost sales potential with virtual staging options.
  • Impress viewers with a dynamic dollhouse view.
  • Highlight key features and finishes with informational hotspots.
  • Capture leads directly within the virtual tour by embedded form.
Ignacio Borrego
Panoee's User
Excellent and friendly tool to create wonderful virtual tours. Everything you need is there! Absolutely recommended.

Hospitality Virtual Tour

Transform Hotel Experiences
A hospitality virtual tour is a digital tool using 360-degree photography or video to allow potential guests to remotely explore a property's amenities, rooms, and ambiance before booking.
  • Highlight rooms and views with captivating 360° panoramas.
  • Drive bookings with instant live chat support.
  • Connect tours seamlessly to existing booking systems.
  • Enhance brand storytelling with customizable themes.
  • Guide guests with integrated Google Maps.
  • Create ambiance with background sounds and visual effects.
  • Reach global audiences with multi-language support.
Sean Palfrey
Panoee's user
Stable platform with lots of dynamic and intuitive features. Very competitive pricing.

Tourism Virtual Tour

Offer Lasting Value for Destinations
A tourism virtual tour is an online experience using 360-degree images or videos to allow potential travelers to explore landmarks and city streets from home before visiting in person.
  • Inspire virtual visits with captivating 360° panoramas.
  • Boost visibility with seamless Google Street View integration.
  • Enhance storytelling with virtual guides and historical narratives.
  • Provide rich information with diverse interactive hotspots.
  • Maximize flexibility with flat images and partial panoramas.
  • Offer fully immersive experiences with VR support.
  • Reach a global audience with multi-language options.
  • Protect your work and credit creators with copyright features.
Tuan Dang
Panoee's user
Best free virtual tour platform i ever seen.

Architecture Virtual Tour

Market Your Designs in Style
An architectural virtual tour utilizes 360-degree imagery or 3D modeling to allow users to interactively explore a building or space in detail, serving as a valuable tool for architects, designers, and those interested in virtual exploration
  • Showcase concepts with interactive 360-degree panoramas and furniture.
  • Offer clear spatial understanding with detailed floor plans.
  • Demonstrate lighting changes with day-to-night transitions.
  • Explore design options with virtual furniture staging.
  • Highlight transformations with before-and-after comparisons.
  • Answer questions instantly with 24/7 live chat support.
  • Streamline collaboration with direct feedback tools on design.
Fabio Saeba Plasmati
Panoee's user
Competitive with other similar platforms, low cost, with several evolving features. Excellent support.

Exhibition Virtual Tour

Break the Boundary To Reach Global Audience
An exhibition virtual tour allows you to explore museum or gallery exhibits online from anywhere, using high-resolution photos or 360° panoramas to navigate the space and examine artworks in detail.
  • Capture all the spaces & booths of exhibition with 360° panoramas.
  • Showcase intricate layouts clearly with interactive floor plans.
  • Enable easy navigation with a robust search feature.
  • Enhance brand presence with logos, copyrights, and nadir customization.
  • Highlight promotions with dynamic images and video hotspots.
  • Track performance and optimize reach with SEO tools.
  • Drive engagement with live chat and call-to-action buttons.
  • Create compelling sales videos with auto-rotation functionality.
  • Generate valuable leads directly within the virtual tour with Form Capture.
Majesty Pro
Panoee's user
I recommend Panoee, because it is a super stable platform to host 360° virtual tours, it is very friendly when managing it. I come from other suppliers that left me with a bad taste, for which I was glad to find Panoee. We are excited to know that this tool does not end, it is easy to manage hostpots, embed links, video and photography integrations and it even allows you to make stores. Finally Thank you for creating such a robust site.

Showroom Virtual Tour

Level Up Customer Shopping Experience
A showroom virtual tour is an online experience that lets you explore a business's product displays from anywhere. Created with 360° imagery or 3D modeling, it allows you to examine products in detail and navigate the showroom at your own pace.
  • Showcase your showroom in detail with immersive 360° panoramas.
  • Drive engagement and sales with live chat & call-to-action.
  • Display products and prices directly with Product Hotspot.
  • Highlight promotions and offers with interactive media hotspots.
  • Track pageviews & online presence with detailed analytics.
  • Boost visibility on Google Maps with Street View integration.
  • Create a branded sales channel with a custom domain.
  • Capture attention with eye-catching intro popups and promotions.
Milan Markovic
Panoee's user
I am very, very satisfied with Panoee! Really great virtual tour platform with great tools.

Education Virtual Tour

Bring Campus Culture to Life
An education virtual tour uses 360° imagery or virtual reality to take students on immersive field trips to historical sites, museums, or even outer space, enhancing learning and sparking curiosity.
  • Attract prospective students with immersive 360° campus tours.
  • Enhance tours with virtual guides for personalized navigation.
  • Transform tours into learning tools with interactive hotspots.
  • Promote events and campaigns with prominent call-to-action buttons.
  • Capture stunning campus moments with high-quality snapshots feature.
  • Boost search rankings and visibility with SEO optimization.
  • Showcase campus layout clearly with detailed floor plans.
  • Create a branded experience with customizable themes.
  • Welcome students with engaging faculty introductions by video popups.
Panoee's user
Super nice virtual tour tool! Very cool features, even in the free version! Going to spend some more time on it to create good looking tours!

Factory Virtual Tour

Virtualize Training & Streamline Operations
A factory and office virtual tour uses 360-degree photography or 3D modeling to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a company's operations, showcasing both workspaces and production facilities to attract potential clients, investors, or employees.
  • Showcase operations with aerial and 360° panoramas.
  • Provide a clear factory layout with detailed floor plans.
  • Streamline training with virtual guides and walkthroughs.
  • Explain processes in detail with diverse interactive hotspots.
  • Assess onboarding effectiveness with integrated lead form hotspots.
  • Improve efficiency with a search feature for facility resources.
Bernd Kronmueller
Panoee's user
Definitely a platform to watch. Lots of configuration possibilities (if you want to) and features and the free plan is definitely enough for a couple of decent projects - not just for one-shot cameras but also DSLR and drone panoramas.
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Essential 360 Virtual Tour Software Toolkit

All the features you need to build any kind of interactive Virtual Tours
  • Unlimited Publishing
  • Unlimited Panorama
  • Multi-Resolution support
  • 2D & 3D scene compatible
  • Scene Management
  • View Control
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Background Sound
  • Auto rotate & change Scene
  • Little planet Intro
Create immersive virtual tours with our easy-to-use platform. Upload unlimited 2D and 360° images with multi-resolution support for optimal quality. Customize scenes, hotspots, and overall design to your liking - all from any device.
  • Scene Hotspot
  • Media Hotspot
  • Chevron
  • Images
  • Video
  • Article
  • Link
  • Sound
  • Tour Guide
  • Lens Flare
  • Callout
Panoee provides the most types of hotspots. Choose from scene connect, media, images, article, video, sound, link, combo, tour guide & lens flare – each with flexible styling and behavior options.
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Positioning
  • Set north
  • Real-time editing
  • Create virtual tour at the same time
  • 1-click publishing
  • Connecting with businesses
  • Lat/lng coordinate
  • Website embedded
  • Connectivity metadata
Unlimited publishing virtual tours directly into Google Street View via the easiest workflow, which allows connecting scenes by drag-and-drop. Enjoy unlimited panoramas and resolution support for the highest quality result.
  • Instant tour publishing
  • Customizable URL slugs
  • Iframe embedding flexibility
  • Password protection feature
  • Offline download capability
  • Custom domain integration
  • SEO metadata optimization
  • Public/private visibility toggle
  • Free hosting with Panoee S3 hosting
  • Social media sharing options
Instant virtual tour publishing with customizable slugs and flexible embedding via iframe. Protect 360 tours with passwords when needed, download .zip for offline use or delivery, and seamlessly integrate into your websites with custom domain options.
  • URL thumbnail image
  • Customizable SEO features
  • Metadata optimization
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Detailed view counters
  • Live chat support
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Lead capture tools
  • Conversion tracking capabilities
  • Website embedded
Optimize visibility with Panoee's SEO features, including favicon, meta data, and featured images. Track engagement with integrated Google Analytics and detailed view counters. Drive conversions with live chat, call-to-action buttons, and scenario-based lead capture tools.
  • Customizable themes
  • Extensive layout options
  • Personalized hotspots creation
  • Custom dialog boxes
  • Interactive floorplan integration
  • Brand logo incorporation
  • Copyright display options
  • Nadir image customization
  • Text color
  • Popup intro
Panoee provides 7+ themes and extensive layout options to customize virtual tours. Styling your 360/3D tours with personalized color while seamlessly integrating your brand's logo, copyright, and nadir for a consistent experience.
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Tour Editor supports multi-language
Everyone can enjoy your Panoee’s virtual tours in their ow
Tour Duplicator
Effortlessly create copies of their virtual tours, allowing
Dollhouse Builder
A captivating 3D overview of virtual tour spaces, allowing y
New Theme "Folio"
A sleek and modern theme that will make your virtual tour lo
New Theme "Default 2.0"
Brand new FREE theme for all users grabbing attention and ma
New Pay-as-you-go plan
Pay only for what you need for your account with a low pric
Compact Hotspot: One Hotspot with Many Hotspots in It
Group different kinds of hotspots into one icon, and save sp
Projection mode
Tailor how viewers experience your virtual tours
Multi-language Interface
Create and edit your virtual tours in your own native langua
Custom Domain feature Improvement
Showcase your virtual tours under your own domain name easie
New Article hotspot layout
Give you the freedom to present your content of your Article
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Matterport Integration
Bring your Matterport tours to Panoee
Detail Analytic (Scene view & Hotspot click counter)
Provides in-depth insights into user engagement by tracking
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  • 10 Types of Hotspot
  • Publish your virtual tours to Google Streetview
  • Branding: Logo, Copyright, Nadir, etc
  • Marketing: SEO, Google Analytic, Leads capture, etc
  • Advanced features: Multi-language, Floorplan, Staging, etc


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