Create & Manage Scene

Create Scene


1. Upload your panorama with drag-and-drop.

2. Once uploaded, select the panoramas you want to create Scenes.

3. Click the button “Submit” to create Scenes.

(Yellow annotation) There are few tool to make this process easier:

4. You can click “Select all” or “Deselect all” to quickly select / deselect all panoramas at once.

5. You can use Search bar to find the preferred panorama.

6. You can manage panoramas in albums for better organization.

Organize Scene & Scene Group

  • Group is a collection of Scenes.
  • There are default “Uncategory” Group that contain all Scenes which don’t belong to any other Group.
  • The default Group can not be deleted.
  • Once a Group is deleted, all inside Scenes will be move to Uncategory Group.
  • Order of Group and Scenes will be displayed in public Tour.

1. Create Group

2. Collapse / Expand Group for easier management. You can also drag to group name to change the group order

3. Rename / Delete Group