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Travel the World from Your Couch
Forget expensive flights and jet lag! Virtual exhibitions let you experience faraway places and iconic locations without leaving your living room. Imagine exploring the pyramids of Egypt or strolling through the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam – all in your PJs. Virtual exhibitions break down borders and make the world more accessible than ever before.

Dive Deeper Than Ever Before
Virtual exhibitions aren't just a digital walkthrough. They're like supercharged tours packed with cool features. Get up close and personal with artifacts in stunning 360° views, like you're right there in the exhibit hall. Plus, click on info hotspots to unlock hidden stories, historical background, and even videos or pictures – way more than you could ever fit in a traditional exhibition.

Open to Everyone, Everywhere
Virtual exhibitions are like the ultimate inclusive party. Fragile artifacts can be admired without worrying about damage, and virtual tours can be designed with features like audio descriptions or text overlays for visitors with sight or hearing limitations. This means everyone can join the fun and explore these amazing exhibits, regardless of location or physical ability

Make your own virtual tour

Create immersive virtual tours yourself - capture 360° views and share them with the world!
Plan and Prepare
Before diving in, plan your virtual tour's purpose, audience, and sequence, prepping your filming location for a smooth shoot.
Capture Panoramas
Capture high-quality, 360-degree panoramic images of your space using a 360° camera.
Upload Panoramas
Upload your panoramic images to Panoee to create a smooth, 360° virtual environment.
Edit Your Virtual Tour
Enhance your virtual tour with interactive hotspots, informative text overlays, and customizations using Panoee's editing tools.
Publish Your Virtual Tour
Publish your virtual tour on Panoee and choose the best way to share it, whether embedding it on your website, generating a link, or exporting it.
Share Your Virtual Tour
Spread the word about your virtual tour by sharing it on social media, email marketing, embedding it on your website, or using QR codes.
Panoee - best Virtual Tour software on G2

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