Hotspot: Article

What is an Article hotspot?

An Article hotspot in Panoee is a powerful feature that enables you to create a Post with text and images for your virtual tour.

Article hotspots allow you to add more depth and context to their scene – for instance, telling a story, showing a product, sharing testimonials or providing instructions. You can customize their appearance and position on your tour – plus, all your Article hotspot content is conveniently organized under the CMS tab, where editing or deletion can easily take place as needed!

How to create an Article hotspot?

Step 1: Create a new Post

Article hotspot virtual tour
  1. Access the CMS tab
  2. Go to the Post section
  3. Click the + button to create a new Post

Step 2: Add your Post info

Article hotspot virtual tour
  1. Post title
  2. Post cover
  3. Post Excerp
  4. Switch your Post status between Publish and Draft

Step 3: Fill in your content

Article hotspot virtual tour

Fill your content here

Article hotspot virtual tour

You can insert your image here

Step 4: Finish creating your Post

Don’t forget to Click on this button to Save your Post

Step 5: Create your Article hotspot

Article hotspot virtual tour

Drag the Article hotspot from the Hotspot panel to the Scene you want to display, and then:

  1. Choose the Post you want to put in the Article hotspot
  2. You can add its name and configure some basics

And now, you can check its appearance in the Preview mode

Article hotspot virtual tour
Article hotspot virtual tour