With SuperViz, you can integrate the SuperViz SDK into your product with just a few lines of code and enable features such as video conferencing, avatars, shared pointers, state synchronization, and more. You can also use the SuperViz plugins to speed up your integration and compatibility with various 3D formats and applications. SuperViz is ideal for industries such as AEC, real estate, and manufacturing, where you can enhance communication and productivity among remote stakeholders.

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  • Immersive, interactive 3D tours
  • Live video conference in 3D
  • Easy integration with web app
  • Cloud-based, secure, customizable

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Quick-start: use the Autodesk plugin with default RPM avatars​​

This example is a good starting point to learn the basics on how to use SuperViz with the Autodesk plugin.

Quick-start: use the Matterport plugin with default RPM avatars

This example is a good starting point to learn the basics on using SuperViz with the Matterport plugin.

Quick-start: use the Three.js plugin with default RPM avatars​

This example is a good starting point to learn the basics on how to use SuperViz with the three.js plugin.

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