RICOH THETA is a 360-degree camera that lets you capture the whole world in a single shot. You can take stunning photos and videos of the entire space around you with a simple push of a button. You can also share your 360-degree creations with others on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LINE. RICOH THETA has various models to suit your needs, such as the flagship model Z1, the advanced model X, and the standard model SC2. You can also download apps and software to control your camera, edit your footage, and create amazing effects. RICOH THETA is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to explore and document the world in 360 degrees.

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THETA Z1 sample tour

With the THETA Z1, you can make a virtual tour that captures every detail of your surroundings in 360 degrees, with high-quality images, videos, and spatial audio

THETA X sample tour

The THETA X is a new 360-degree camera that has a touchscreen display, an interchangeable battery and microSD card slot, new image sensors and processor, a built-in GPS, a USB-C port, an Android-based operating system, and a wide compatibility with various platforms and plug-ins

THETA SC2 sample tour

The THETA SC2 is a 360-degree camera that delivers high-resolution images and videos with preset modes, a touchscreen display, an interchangeable battery and microSD card slot, and a built-in GPS

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