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PanoSociety is the premier destination for panoramic photography and virtual tour enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to pros. At PanoSociety, you will find all you need – whether starting or an experienced pro – to create breathtaking imagery and immersive experiences with panoramic photography and virtual tours. At Nodal Ninja/Fanotec, products are trusted by NASA, Google, and Microsoft.

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Introducing PanoSociety Community

If you are a creator or an influencer with a social media following, website with relevant traffic or an access to panoramic photography / VR community, contact us for influencer terms and benefits.

What are the different variants of the Nodal Ninja 6?

Nodal Ninja 6 (NN6) is a climax of more than a decade of developing superior mechanical panoramic hardware by Fanotec/Nodal Ninja. It builds on the unprecedented vault of information and feedback from users of Nodal Ninja 4 and 5 is the first Nodal Ninja head incorporating robotic possibility to the design.

Using Nadir Adapters with Nodal Ninja Mecha

Nadir adapters allow easy capture of the "nadir" in a spherical panorama which is a spot directly below the point of view usually obstructed by your tripod.

Dual Axis Nodal Ninja Mecha 3 MK2/NN4 Preorders Starting Now

Dual axis pan tilt 360/VR panoramic head solution from Nodal Ninja / Fanotec with full automation of both axis is finally here. Parts from NN3 MK2 and NN4 are used, together with 2 Mecha E1 Rotators and 2 C1 Controllers which are wirelessly linked together.

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