The next-gen Virtual Tour builder

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12 types of interactive Hotspots

Search & use any icon you want to make the Hotspot more informative.

Polygon Hotspot support

6 types of Hotspot style

Change opacity, rotate or resize Hotspot with ease.

Guiding Hotspot

Help to move between scenes.

Impressive Hotspot

Add effect or use animated icons to catch users' attention.

Note Hotspot

Add a short note or long post to turn the Hotspot into a story.

Media Hotspot support

Paste a link to embed a Youtube video.

Preview Hotspot

Enjoy interacting with Hotspot without a click.

Image Hotspot

Add multiple photos to create a gallery within the Hotspot.

Adaptive Background sound

Add an ambient sound or narrative on a specific spot to ignite the mood.

eCommerce support (Paypal, Shopify,…)

Lens flare


Floorplan with Markers

Sharing is caring

Share the Virtual Tour to the friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.

Switch Perspective

Look at the world from inside out or outside in.

Initial Scene

Back to the doorstep.

Customer Logo & Copyright

Prove the ownership of the masterpiece.

Moving around

Move up / down / left / right or zoom in and out.

Basic VR support

Split the screen and put it on the headset to experience the immersive.

Green Screen / Chroma key Screen

Integrate Google Map

Rich content with the WYSIWYG tool.

Heading, paragraph, table, image, video, list,... even the embedded code.

Play sounds like a musician.

Add sound in the whole Virtual Tour, in a single scene or a single hotspot.

Little planet intro

An intro that makes the audience jaw drop.

The intro

Every space has its own story to tell.

Virtual Staging / Split Screen

Put it on a 60.'' screen to display on an exhibition.

Auto-rotate & Auto-change scene

Make the Scene turn around without a touch.

Mini CMS for all the content.

Now you don't have to find all the articles scattering around 100 scenes.


Lead Form Capture

Nadir Logo with URL

Panorama & Scene

Reorder scenes & group

Arrange scene list into area segment.


The only Cloud Virtual Tour Software that supports true Multi-resolution for up to 500Mb Panorama.

Multiple projections

Turn the Panorama into multiple views like Little Planet or Mirror ball.

Manage Scene with folder

Make 200 scenes Virtual Tour keep organized.

Creating thumbnails

Capture any angle to make an attractive avatar for the Scene.

Smart Rendering

Once uploaded, your Panorama never has to be rendered again and can be re-use anytime.

Security First

Securely storage your full-res Panorama on AWS S3. And you can still download it anytime.

Pano management with albums

A mini Google Photo for 360 lovers.

Unlimited High-quality Virtual Tour

Show the important space, hide the boring ones.

Enhancement with Brightness & Sharpening tool

Replace pano

Remake the Scene without re-update the Hotspots.

Advanced Zoom & View control

Block any area of the Panorama from viewing.


Detail Google Analytic

Just put in the UID or TagID to be tracked by Google.

Export Virtual Tour support

Share via a link or QRcode

Make the Virtual Tour accessible by anyone or any method.

Private & Public Virtual Tour

Switch visibility with just a toggle.

Control SEO Onpage

Change the title, description & featured image the way you want.

Customize Theme & Brand Guideline

SEO metadata Optimization

Google spider can crawl all the Virtual Tour content.


Work great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Integrate to website w/ embed code

Simple like embed a Youtube video.


Our built-in counter counts every click to hotspots or scene view.

Password Control Access

Control who can see your Virtual Tour with a lock (and a password).

Multiple Language

Make the Virtual Tour readable for a local.

Custom Domain


Public Roadmap

Transparency makes us move faster. Follow us!

Automatic system update

No waiting, no download; simply refresh the browser.

Integrate Live chat script

Want quick, direct 1-1 support? Just click on the pink chat bubble.



We put no limit on the number of Virtual Tour or Panorama you can create.

Dark mode

We create a space for concentration & creativity.

Online Management

All Virtual Tours, anytime, anywhere.

Drag & drop

It's so easy that anyone can do it.

Smart Panel

Manage hundreds of forms with ease.