Our commitment.

Week 15/11

November 15, 2021


Your long-time expected 2D Floorplan has finally come! Now you can insert your floorplans or maps to your real estate, tourism, college… virtual tours.  So conveniently, It would be easier for your visitors to navigate around and they would never get lost again.


Upgrading Transition

The moving scene will be more realistic whenever you click on the next scene. This magical transition contains various options to select to bring your potential visitors/clients the most genuine experience ever.

transition effect

What’s improved

  • #media-library: Increase the uploading area so you can drag and drop multiple panoramas easier & faster.
  • #form-input: Now you can set the name for your scenes or hotspots with less than 5 characters.
  • #tour-editor: Shortcut "Save default view" on top of the current scene so users now can quickly

What’s changed

  • #navigation-hotspot: The default option now would be point navigation hotspot (instead of street view hotspot like before).
  • #preview-hotspot: Replace the 360 previews of the next scene when hovering over the navigation hotspots with a full-size destination panorama.

What’s fixed

  • #general: Fix typing errors on iPad and iPhone.
  • #url-hotspot: Fix white screen when loading the popup URL in Iframe mode.

Week 18/10

October 22, 2021

New Theme: Base

One of the most easiest theme to start with.

Polygon Hotspot

Now you can “draw” interactive hotspots with dynamic shapes. Polygon supports all other types of Hotspot.
panoee polygon hotspot

Product Hotspot

Now you can sell your Products directly on the Virtual Tour:

  • Manage Products on Panoee.
  • Make purchase with Shopify or Paypal Smart buttons.
  • Or just add checkout link to your custom e-commerce.

Custom Domain

Publish Bundle & Export (Frontend)

Panoee truly becomes the freest Cloud-based Virtual Tour software platform available to all users by allowing the export. Now, Panoramic Photographers can manage and update the content on the Studio system, then export files to self-host on the Server.

Export Frontend: Panoee exports a compact Virtual Tour interface file for users to host on their Server, but all data & files are still stored on Panoee’s system. This feature allows users to keep Virtual Tour updated in real-time without a hitch while still using their own domain & hosting.

panoee export

Add more options for tab DESIGN.

  • Add styling template for Hotspot.
  • Add styling template for Polygon shapes.

What’s improved

  • #media-hotspot: Default media has a translucent background to make placing media easier.
  • #media-hotspot: Toggle mode: Resize / Distort.
  • #media-hotspot: Add button "Resize to fit".
  • #media-hotspot: Add more options to style embeded Media.
  • #scene: Increase the preview panorama image to 4000px.
  • #color-picker: Optimize the color display for better display of transparency.
  • #polygon-hotspot: Add Styling template for Polygon on menu "DESIGN".
  • #dashboard: Add status of payment on Project card.
  • #dashboard: Add empty state & optimize "Create" button.

What’s changed

  • #dashboard: preview (eye) icon on Project card now open Public Tour by default

What’s fixed

  • #general: Fix some spelling error.
  • #general: Lots of minor fixes for better display on Mobile.

Week 13/9

September 19, 2021

New Theme: Bold

Add a new Theme (Bold) that can express more brand characteristics & fast navigation. Please stay alert; more themes are coming this month.

panoee - theme bold

Studio: Add tab "Design."

Everything about changing the appearance of Virtual Tour will be organized in this area. Now users can decorate the color of the Theme the way they want. Each Theme comes with a separate color set.

Hotspot Theme

Change the look & feel of all Hotspots in one place, which helps increase brand awareness. You can find this in the tab “Design.”

Custom Slug

To have a professional virtual tour link, the first thing you need to do is change the slug. Instead of using the default project name slug, you can customize it and choose a shorter and easier-to-remember one.

panoee-custom slug

🚨🚨🚨 Be aware, Custom Domain comes next week.

Chevron Hotspot

Moving inside Virtual Tour is now more straightforward with Google Streetview style navigation. No need to find guiding Hotspot scattered around anymore; viewers can easily find ways to go.

panoee - chevron hotspot

Media Hotspot

Now you can replace the pictures on the wall or add video on display screen like TV with Media Hotspot. This feature comes with lots of possibilities, like adding a live assistant or live content. Users can even customize the action & property of the Hotspot to adapt to the context & media file.

What’s improved

  • #Dashboard: Display publish status of Project\
  • #SEO: Allow users to insert Google Tag
  • #SEO: Update auto-generated featured image when creating new Project
  • #Scene Panel: Add option "change media" on the quick action button in the scene card

What’s changed

  • #General: Revise popup delete Scene, delete Folder and delete Project
  • #General: Change new color picker

What’s fixed

  • #General: Can not upload the large video file
  • #Scene Panel: Make the selecting scene in the scene list easier

Week 23/8

August 27, 2021

The new type of Hotspot: URL

Now you can add Hotspot to reference links to other sites, from inside or outside the Virtual Tours.

panoee best free virtual tour software - hotspot url

Change language of Virtual Tour on Setting

Chane the language of the Virtual Tour interface on the tab: Settings. We will add more language in the meantime.

panoee best free virtual tour software - change language

(Public) Hotspot Preview

Mouseover on all the Hotspot to peek what insides and quick experience the content before seeing the full version.

panoee best free virtual tour software - hotspot preview

Re-structure Public Virtual Tour URL

The URL now looks shorter and simpler to remember.

What’s improved

  • You can reorder images on Hotspot Image.
  • You can remove images on Hotspot Image.
  • Auto-add & highlight Project name when creating Folder inside Media Library.
  • Optimize Payload when creating or editing Post.
  • Allow selecting all items at once on Media Library.
  • Auto-login and redirect to Dashboard after sign up
  • (Public) Display target's default view if the target view is not set on Hotspot Connect.
  • (Public) Press the keystroke Up/Down/Left/Right to move the Scene.
  • (Theme: Default) Auto-scroll to the current Scene when toggling Scene List
  • (Public) Optimize Popup asking permission to play background sound.

What’s changed

  • Add auto-save on updating Hotspot title.
  • Auto-display Scene article once arriving.
  • Display scene article when mouse over the Scene Title.
  • Hide the Hotspot if there is no media input.
  • Change default wait time of feature: Auto Chane scene to 15s.
  • Change default value of sound reach to 270.
  • Change default value of sound volume to 40.

What’s fixed

  • Fix duplicate asking permission to play background sound.