Collaboration Mode

The only Virtual Tour platform that allows you to collect users' feedback directly within your Tours. Streamline collaboration with the integrated comment system, and effortlessly manage feedback using filter and status sorting

Stop wrestling with endless email threads and scattered feedback! Panoee sets itself apart with the best Collaboration Mode in the virtual tour game. Imagine collecting valuable coworkers feedback directly within your tours. Panoee’s integrated comment system streamlines the process, allowing viewers to pinpoint specific areas and leave detailed notes.


But Panoee doesn’t just collect feedback – it helps you manage it effectively. Utilize the filter and status sorting features to effortlessly categorize and prioritize comments. This ensures you address the most important feedback first, keeping your virtual tour creation process efficient and collaborative.

No more chasing down feedback or struggling to understand revisions – Panoee fosters clear communication and streamlines the path to virtual tour perfection.

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