Account Tutorial

Create a Panoee Account


Register new account would be easy with just 2 clicks. You can create new account with your email or your Facebook / Google email, first just go to

Panoee Sign-Up form
  1. Start register with your email
  2. Quick register with your Facebook / Google

Register with email

image 1
Sign-up form with email
  1. Please fill the register form with your email & password
  2. Click register to send request. Once the system return “success”, your account is created successfully & ready to use.
  3. Don’t forget you can always use your Facebook / Google to register.

Register with Social

When you click the Facebook or Google button, system will redirect you to the corresponding pages to authenticate with Facebook or Google. Once the authentication finish, you will be redirected back to Panoee

image 2
Authentication when sign-up with Social
  1. Please input your email associated with the Social network.
  2. Just click “Complete” to finish the registration – Once the system return “success”, your account is created successfully & ready to use.

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