Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builder Plugins in 2022


WordPress plugins are powerful to add new features and functionality to the WordPress website, and they are commonly used to build interactive interfaces and enhance users’ experiences. While virtual tour software will likely reach more users from beginner to expert, WordPress virtual tour builder plugins are accessible to site owners. There are best WordPress virtual tour builders: WP VR, iPanorama 360°, Flat 360, WP Tours Builder, and Panoee.

1. WP VR – 360 Panorama and virtual tour creator for WordPress

WPVR has a simple interface designed to create virtual tours in less than five minutes without expertise. It has many active installations with over 10,000+ and 170,000+ total downloads. WPVR provides Free and Pro versions for users to consider the differences:

Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builders: VP VR
WP VR has Free and Pro versions (Credit: WP VR)

Besides, it provides an annual and lifetime plan for the Pro version: They are both super costly for a regular user and small-to-medium enterprises when the yearly plan is up to $250 and the lifetime plan is even up to $650.

2. iPanorama 360° – A robust WordPress virtual tour plugin

iPanorama 360° is a robust panoramic WordPress plugin that supports users in creating fantastic virtual tours through WordPress administration. The Lite version has 7,000+ active installations and 3,500+ sales for the Pro version. Users can use without limitations in the Pro version ($29 on CodeCanyon) and only one item in the Lite (free of charge on WordPress).

Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builders: iPanorama 360°
Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builder Plugins in 2022 7

Special features including:

  • Easy To Use Builder
  • Gutenberg block support
  • Create Multiple Scenes (5 types)
  • Flat Scene
  • Sphere & Cube Scene
  • Little Planet Scene
  • And more

3. Flat 360° Panoramic Image Viewer

Following the name, this WordPress virtual tour plugin only supports flat panoramic images, and it has a simple user interface to create virtual tours without effort. The price of Flat 360° on CodeCanyon is affordable with only $18 plus advanced technical support.

Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builders: Flat 360° Panoramic Image Viewer
The Flat Panoramic Image Viewer (Credit: CodeCanyon)

Supporting features:

  • Supports only flat panorama images (not Spherical or any complicated ones)
  • Mobile/touchpad support
  • It can be utilized to create responsive designs
  • The container’s width is taken into consideration (height must be specified when using fixed-size versions)
  • Auto-scrolling with sliding controls
  • 180/360-degree visibility
  • Shortcode generator included in TinyMCE WordPress editor
  • Ready for Gutenberg editor
  • Add hotspots via map tag and integrate the hotspots via a lightbox plugin
  • Allows multi-site configuration
  • Ready for localization (included .pot File)
  • Highly optimized and well-documented

4. WP Light/Ultimate Tours Builder

This plugin is another exclusive WordPress virtual tour of CodeCanyon that helps you create excellent virtual tours with a few clicks. WP Tours Builder has two distinguished versions: WP Light Tours Builder and WP Ultimate Tours Builder.

The table below indicates pricing and features between Light and Ultimate versions:

WP Ultimate Tours Builder Pricing
WP Light Tours Builder Pricing
WP Ultimate Tours Builder and WP Light Tours Builder Pricing in 12/2021 (Credit: CodeCanyon)

5. Panoee – An Ultimate WordPress Virtual Tour Builder Plugin

We provide an ultimate WordPress virtual tour plugin that directly links to the Panoee studio for users to fast-track the process. Of course, you can still access all premium features for entirely FREE, unlike other WordPress virtual tour plugins. The plugin provides the key to access full premium features of virtual tour software as website owners, so getting the shortcode and managing projects are now easier than ever.

Best WordPress Virtual Tour Builders:   Panoee – An Ultimate WordPress Virtual Tour Plugin
Panoee – An Ultimate WordPress Virtual Tour Builder Plugin

These best WordPress virtual tour builders are convenient for website owners to create high-quality virtual tours. Choosing and using any plugins depends on your consideration in many aspects, such as budget, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface. Hopefully, this article will give you an overview of top WordPress virtual tour builder plugins existing in the website environment.

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