Start “Nature’s Wonder” – Panoee Virtual Tour Voting Contest


From July 10, 2023, to August 6, 2023, Panoee launched a contest called “Nature’s Wonders” to vote for the best virtual tour by the community with many attractive prizes. 

Panoee Virtual Tour Voting Contest

This is the first edition of a recurring contest for the Panoee user community, where a different topic will be selected each time. Panoee is thrilled to kick off this initiative with the theme of nature, inviting virtual tours that showcase the beauty and diversity of our planet. The contest’s main purpose is to have fun, express creativity, and make new friends with other Panoee users, with detailed contest rules as follows.


All Panoee users

Particiapation time

Overall: July 10 ~ August 6

  • Week 1: from 00:01 am on July 10, 2023 to 11:59 pm on July 16, 2023 (GMT + 07)
  • Week 2: from 00:01 am on July 17, 2023 to 11:59 pm on July 23, 2023 (GMT + 07)
  • Week 3: from 00:01 am on July 24, 2023 to 11:59 pm on July 30, 2023 (GMT + 07)
  • Week 4: from 00:01 am on July 31, 2023 to 11:59 pm on August 6, 2023 (GMT + 07)
virtual tour voting contest panoee


Weekly prizes

  • 01 First place: Three-month premium plan
  • 01 Second place: Two-month premium plan
  • 01 Third place: one-month premium plan
  • 04 runner-up: Voucher 80% off one-month premium plan

Overall prizes

  • 01 Golden prize: Life-time premium plan
  • 01 Silver prize: One-year premium plan
  • 01 Bronze prize: Eight-month premium plan
  • 04 Consolation prizes: Six-month premium plans

Audience voting prize

  • 20 vouchers 50% off one-month premium plan for 10 lucky audiences

How to join

All Panoee users who have successfully registered an account on the system can participate in the contest as follows

  • Step 1: Log in to your Panoee account
  • Step 2: Access the voting contest link
  • Step 3: Fill in your tour title and link in the Submit tab
  • Step 4: Shares the contest entry posted on your any Social network account with the hashtag #Panoee #Panoee_voting_contest  #Share_your_nature_wonders_with_Panoee
  • Step 5: Monitor and update the awarding and awarding information of the program, which will be officially announced on the website and Panoee’s social network channel

Eligible entries must meet the following conditions:

  • Successfully posted on the website.
  • The entry has been shared at least once on the social networking sites in the list in public mode, with the hashtag: 

#Panoee #Panoee_voting_contest 


  • Entries must not violate Community Standards.
  • A participant can post many tours during the contest.

Judging criteria

General rules

  • The contest is open to anyone who has created a virtual tour of a natural location, such as a park, a forest, a beach, a mountain, etc.
  • The virtual tour must be uploaded to Panoee.
  • The virtual tour should showcase the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of the natural location, as well as provide some information or commentary about its features, history, or significance.
  • The virtual tour should not include inappropriate, offensive, or illegal content, such as nudity, violence, hate speech, or copyright infringement.

Rules for judging weekly prizes

  • Weekly prizes are awarded to entries that are validly posted that week.
  • Weekly prizes are given to the entries that receive the most total votes from the social media audience that week.
  • Each participant can only receive a maximum of 01 weekly prize during the contest period.

Rules for judging the overall prizes

  • Overall prizes are awarded to validly posted entries during the contest period.
  • Overall prizes are awarded to the valid entries that received the highest total votes from the social media audience during the contest period.

Rules for judging the audience voting prize

  • The audience voting prize is given to Panoee users through a lucky draw livestream on Panoee’s Facebook page. Accordingly, all audience member participating in the vote will have a an opportunity to get the prize. Panoee uses the dialer to select the lucky audience.
  • Each audience can only receive a maximum of 01 prize for the audience during the contest period.

Other rules

  1. Panoee will only award prizes to the valid participants. When receiving the prize, the recipient must ensure that he has the copyright to the tour and the full right to use it.
  2. Any entries that violate the rules and regulations of the program will be disqualified, especially those that use technical tools and software to change the voting results of social network users (Hack/cheat). Prizes, if awarded, will also be withdrawn at Panoee’s discretion.
  3. In all cases of dispute (if any), Panoee’s decision is final.
  4. For any questions about the contest, please email or Panoee’s social channels for guidance and answers.
  5. Panoee has the right to use the tour posted by the contestant to participate in the communication and promotion activities of Panoee.
  6. Contestants are responsible for ensuring the copyright and copyright of the entries and are responsible for the copyright issues and the entries’ copyright before the community regulations.
  7. Panoee reserves the right to determine the contest’s eligibility and its review on the contest homepage.


How can I get the link to my entry?

After you submit an entry, there will be a pop-up to show the link, or you can enter this link (don’t forget to log in first)

How do I vote for my favourite entry in the voting contest?

To vote for your favourite entry in the contest, you must have a Panoee account. If you haven’t had yet, please register here.

How many entries can I submit to the voting contest?

You can submit as many entries as you want.

How many prizes can I get?

You can only win one weekly per week prize and one overall prize in the contest.

How many times can I vote in the voting contest?

You can vote for any favourite entry with no limited

Can I participate in the voting audience prize if I have already been a participant?

Absolutely yes, if you vote for at least one other participant entry.

How do I know if my entry is eligible for the voting contest?

Your entry is eligible for the voting contest if it meets the requirements and criteria of the contest organizer. You can check the rules and guidelines of the contest before submitting your entry. If your entry is disqualified or removed for any reason, you will be notified by the contest organizer.

What happens if there is a tie in the voting contest?

If two winners have the same vote in the voting contest, the contest organizer will decide how to break the tie. We will depend on the time of submission, whoever submits first will win

How can I increase my chances of winning the voting contest?

You can increase your chances of winning the voting contest by submitting a high-quality, original, and relevant entry that appeals to the voters. You can also promote your entry to your friends, family, and social media followers, ask them to vote for you, and share it with others.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and trends in voting contests?

You can stay updated on the latest news and trends in voting contests by:

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