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Nadir patch for virtual tour – a superior essential tool

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360-degree images are an irreplaceable component in creating spectacular and immersive tours. However, it also presents some complications, such as the nadir hole. A nadir hole is a visible or distorted pattern at the bottom or top of your 360-degree image, where the camera or lens failed to capture the scene. Nadir holes can ruin the beauty and realism of your virtual tour and make it look like it isn’t of employees. But don’t worry, Panoee’s nadir patch tool will make it easier than ever to create high quality and beautiful 360-degree images.

1. Panoee’s Nadir patch tool

Panoee’s nadir patch allows you to add a logo or a picture at the bottom of your virtual tour. With this feature, you can customize your excursion with your own branding, which includes your employer name, emblem, or internet site. It can also help you conceal the tripod from view, which would possibly create an opening or distortion in your 360° picture. 

Alternatively, you can use the nadir logo to add some creative aptitude to your excursion, such as a compass or a funny sticker. You can easily personalize the size, position, and URL of the nadir emblem in Panoee’s editor, which has a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop capability.

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2. Why do you need to use Nadir patch tool

You need to use Panoee’s nadir patch feature if you want to cover the gap or distortion that appears at the bottom of your 360-degree image, usually where the tripod or camera stand is located. 

Without Panoee's Nadir feature
Without Panoee’s Nadir feature

The nadir patch can help you improve the appearance and quality of your virtual tour by hiding the tripod, adding your branding, or creating some artistic effect. You can use Panoee’s nadir patch feature to add a logo or an image of your choice at the nadir of your virtual tour and customize its size and URL. 

Nadir patch
With Panoee’s Nadir feature

Panoee’s nadir patch is a simple and effective way to enhance your virtual tours.

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3. How to use the Nadir path tool with Panoee

To use the nadir patch with Panoee, you can follow these simple steps:

Nadir patch for virtual tour - a superior essential tool 4

Step 1: Access the Setting tab

Step 2: Click the Content section

Step 3: Config the Nadir feature

Enjoy your 360-degree panorama without any nadir hole 

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