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Free virtual tour hosting with Panoee S3 hosting service

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Virtual tours provide a virtual open house of your property, business or destination – but for everyone else to see by creating an immersive and interactive experience that draws customers in like they’re already there. But creating and hosting virtual tours can be time-consuming; that’s where the Panoee S3 hosting service comes in.

What is Panoee S3 hosting service and how does it work?

Free virtual tour hosting with Panoee S3 hosting service
Panoee S3 hosting service supports Krpano, Pano2vr, 3Dvista, and Panoee virtual tours

Imagine having a dedicated cloud haven for your virtual tours, where they’re safely stored, effortlessly managed, and readily accessible to the world. That’s precisely what Panoee S3 hosting service offers. Powered by Amazon S3, the same technology trusted by giants like Netflix and Airbnb, Panoee ensures your virtual tours are secure, scalable, and always accessible.

Compatibility is a breeze with the Panoee S3 hosting service. Whether you’re using Krpano, Pano2vr, 3dvista, or Panoee virtual tours, uploading your tours is as simple as dragging and dropping them. Managing your tours is equally straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly dashboard.

Sharing your virtual tours is a snap, too. Panoee S3 hosting service provides a unique URL for each tour, making it easy to share them with your audience or embed them on your website. And with tours delivered through the nearest server from the AWS S3 distribution network, fast loading and smooth performance are guaranteed, regardless of where your viewers are.

How to get started with Panoee S3 hosting service?

Free virtual tour hosting with Panoee S3 hosting service
Connect your AWS S3 with the Panoee hosting service in 3 steps

Panoee S3 Hosting is your free virtual tour haven, but you’ll need an AWS and Panoee account to get started. Think of it like building your own virtual tour storage space, where you can easily organize and manage folders for each tour. It’s like having a dedicated cloud home for your virtual creations.

To get your virtual tour hosting journey started, just follow the Panoee S3 hosting guide. This guide will show you how to create and set up your AWS S3 bucket, the virtual storage unit for your tours, and how to set up your AWS credential. This credential is like a special key that gives Panoee S3 hosting service access to your virtual tour storage space.

Once you have your keys, enter your AWS credential key to the Panoee S3 hosting website. Now that you’ve unlocked the door, you can start uploading and hosting your virtual tours, all for free. Let your virtual tours thrive in their free cloud home!

Why choose Panoee S3 hosting service for your virtual tour needs?

Your virtual tours, safe and sound, nestled in their own personalized cloud storage space. That’s the magic of Panoee S3 Hosting Service. Here’s why it’s the perfect home for your virtual creations:

Free virtual tour hosting with Panoee S3 hosting service
Panoee hosting service using AWS S3 can save the hosting cost more than you think

Easy as Pie

Creating and hosting virtual tours with Panoee S3 Hosting Service is as easy as baking a pie. No coding or tech skills are required! Use Panoee’s web interface or API to upload and manage your virtual tour files. Plus, Panoee’s templates and tools make customizing your virtual tour’s layout and appearance a breeze.

Rock-Solid Reliability

You can rest assured that Panoee S3 Hosting Service will keep your virtual tours safe and accessible, no matter what. Powered by Amazon S3, a world-class object storage service, Panoee S3 Hosting Service can handle any amount of data and traffic. Your virtual tour files are stored redundantly across multiple servers and regions, ensuring they’re always accessible and secure.

Compatible with Everything

Panoee S3 Hosting Service is like a welcoming host, embracing virtual tours from all walks of life. Whether it’s created with Panoee’s software or any other software, Panoee S3 Hosting Service welcomes it with open arms. It supports various file formats and standards, such as JPG, PNG, MP4, MP3, XML, and VRML. Plus, your virtual tours will look great on any device and browser, thanks to Panoee S3 Hosting Service.

Panoee S3 hosting service offers a cost-free, simple, reliable, and compatible way to host virtual tours online. Create immersive and engaging tours that boost online presence and business. Try it now to see just how Panoee can revolutionize your virtual tour experience!

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