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3D laser scanning technology has been widely used in today’s life. In addition, the 3D digitization of objects and works has greatly helped users in storing, sharing and increasing the experience for viewers. So what is 3D digitization? Let’s find out through the following article.

What is 3D digitization

3D digitization is known as a technology using professional 3D scanners and this technology uses infrared rays to scan the entire real space. The 3D scanner then processes the data and digitizes it into 3D space. Everything such as colors and objects are reproduced with 100% accuracy when put on virtual reality.

This technology creates virtual reality spaces with 3D views and short, continuous and detailed movements. This allows users to actively interact directly with the space without limitation. Moreover, users can completely move to any area in 3D virtual reality by moving the mouse up and down. This technology will give you a real feeling as if you are really standing there. You can experience the real space with just any mobile device such as a computer, phone, etc. or virtual reality glasses.

image1 1
3D digitization of Tien Le communal house

Outstanding advantages of 3D digitization

The outstanding advantages of 3D digitization will be the basis for making reasonable use choices for users’ actual needs.

1. Sharp images, compact and easy to share

Thanks to 3D digitization, the image of the real space is completely covered from top to bottom, from outside to inside and from left to right. In addition, these images are incredibly sharp, accurate at every angle for easy sharing.

2. 3D digitization brings a real experience to users

With 3D digitized real space, users will have a realistic experience of space and the presence of each object in that space. Therefore, when applying 3D digitization, your product/project will bring a unique highlight and create a competitive advantage over competitors.

3. Providing a safe experience and having high applicability

The undeniable advantage of 3D scanning technology is the use of telemetry for objects to be measured in hard-to-reach locations. The collected data helps to reproduce the environment or object in virtual space in detail without the need for direct measurement.

Moreover, the data is digitized, easily converted into formats suitable for use. For example, perspective, build 3D models of the current state, create 2D, 3D blueprints…

4. Fast and accurate

3D laser scanning technology allows us to capture the current situation quickly, taking only 3-5 minutes, compared to conventional methods. In addition, the actual environment or object is scanned and simulated in detail, accurately in virtual space, from shape to size, even color. The digitization of the collected data is extremely fast with high reliability.

Current trend of 3D digitization

1. What objects can 3D digitization technology be applied to?

With modern 3D scanning technology and methods, it seems that we can create 3D models of any object, size or model.

Single object

Most objects are easily digitized into 3D models. Except for details with too high reflection such as glass cage, mirror, liquid…

image4 1

Large and big objects

The large objects can be the size of a room, a statue 2 – 4m high, a relief wall over 3m long, a large panoramic space… All can be made but time will take longer.

image3 1
The 3D model of Tu Duc Tomb – Hue 

2. 3D digitization solutions can be applied to many fields

With the 3D digitization solution, in a very short period of time, the product will be completely rescanned. This data can then be easily processed with standard design software and used in a wide variety of applications and fields like: Healthcare, Education, Restaurants, Hotels, Real Estate, Commerce, Tourism,…

Medical: 3D technology will realistically simulate every space and medical equipment in the hospital. In addition, the application of 3D digitization to 3D printing technology also greatly contributes to the surgical process and grafting of the patient’s body parts.

virtual reality

Commercial: Commercial products such as cars, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic devices, etc. are easily 3D digitized and simulated in virtual reality. Customers will be able to shop in a new and modern environment, and at the same time, businesses will also show professionalism and bring competitive advantages in the industry.

image7 1
Application of 3D digitization technology for supermarket display design

Travel: 3D/360 intelligent interactive Travel platform based on advanced 3D laser scanning technology will help you collect data, reproduce real space with accurate size and similar color.

Restaurants and hotels: 3D images will cover completely from left to right, from top to bottom and from outside to inside in detail each object, nook and cranny in the hotel. When you touch and start moving the points in the picture, you are really lost in that space.

Implementation method of  3D digitization

Basically, digitization technology depends on 3D copying technology. There are two types of foundational techniques that can do this job:

  • Scan 3D: Using light/laser projectors… and capturing a reflected light beam to recreate the shape of an object. Often precision mechanical 3D scanning technologies do not capture the color (texture).
  • 3D photography: This is the main method because it has many advantages. The most outstanding point is with large-scale objects that do not require too high accuracy. In addition, it only takes a camera and specialized software to do it

Through 3D design software, the data in the 3D scanning process can be edited and even completely changed the shape of 3D objects according to the customer’s need.

image8 1
Model figurine model scanned and edited in design software

Some basic handling of a scanned specimen :

  • Smooth, sharp edges of blurred areas 
  • Restore, add or remove lost details (via photos)
  • Add logo, text… to model
  • Edit colors

Professional 3D digitization service for all fields

Always catching and quickly updating technology trends is a new way to show professionalism and create a competitive advantage in the 4.0 era. So are you ready to equip this state-of-the-art technology for your business or organization? If you are interested in 3D digitization,please visit us  https://panoee.com/ for more details.

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