Top Free Virtual Tour App – Which is the best?


In this article, these are tools designed to simplify the process of creating a virtual tour. And Panoee is one of the high recommendations. Without worrying about the pricing if you need basic Virtual Tours with basic features to showcase your photography, Panoee is entirely free to use! The Free Plan does have some limitations; however, you can upgrade your subscription plan anytime you want! Let’s check more below.

What is a Free Virtual Tour App?

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Virtual tours are online travels that enable visitors to experience museums, zoos, national parks, landmarks, and attractions un-physically. These tours use methods such as 360 pictures, satellite imagery, virtual reality, or video conferencing to bring definite sites into living rooms, classrooms or any purposed place. The role of these tours is to inspire, entertain, educate audiences and promote purchases. These experiences are also called “online tours.”

Compare the top free Virtual Tour App of 2022

See the comparison summary below to compare the top Virtual Tour software on the market.


Panoee is a next-generation Virtual Tour software that allows 360 photographers and end-users to create high-quality, flexible, beautiful, interactive 360 Virtual Tours within minutes.

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Panoee is the only platform that supports unlimited high-quality multi-resolution panoramas at zero cost. Panoee also supports a variety of Hotspots, including media hotspots, polygon hotspots, and product hotspots with lots of customization. Panoee’s CMS allows users to centrally manage all posts and data, as well as combine multiple templates so that they can create Virtual Tours that match their business brand guidelines. Panoee allows users to set up all the interactive features they need, including floorplan, autorotation, little planet intro, and sound guide. Panoee’s philosophy encourages full freedom of use. Anyone can modify the URL of the Virtual Tour in any way they like, even their copyright information.

Your website visitors can virtually visit your properties, showrooms, workshops, hotels, or businesses from the comfort of their own homes. You can increase conversions and save time and money.


Klapty lets you create and post a 360-degree tour for free as a 360-a platform that allows you to create with ease. They can help you create tours that will engage your audience and give your clients an enjoyable experience. It is an easy way to reach your target audience by sending links via email and integrating social media sites, desktops, mobile platforms, and other platforms. You can create 360 tours for real estate and tourism, as well as other sectors.


The online virtual tour software allows you to create interactive virtual tours. It is compatible with any 360-degree camera (LG, Samsung Ricoh Theta, or Insta360), and can stitch DSLR images. The easy-to-use virtual tour software allows you to create virtual tours by yourself. They offer a 2-week free trial period, with no obligation and no payment details. Sign up then to work with a premium version! 


Kuula is a cost-friendly and easy-to-use solution for creating 360 Virtual Tours in real estate, architecture, and hospitality. Upload, edit, and share your virtual tours. Virtual tours that impress clients, generate leads, and increase sales will be built. 

Comparision from 4 software

Below is more feature comparison from 4 Items we introduce at the top of virtual software.

Features Panoee Klapty My360 Kuula
Pricing Starts At $0 $0 €35.00/month $16/month
Free Version Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Information The only software that allows you to create free unlimited virtual tours from a PC. The software allows you to create free unlimited virtual tours from any device. Unlimited properties unlimited users no extra charges and no contracts There is a free version of Kuula and we also offer a free trial. Here’re our plans:

Basic – free

Pro – $16/month (if purchased annually)

Business – $36/month (if purchased annually)

Free Trial Yes Yes

How to create a 360 virtual tour with Panoee

Panoee is used popularly by companies and photographers all over the world. The dedication to quality and usability has made Panoee becomes the leading 3D 360 Virtual Tour platform all over the world

Panoee in detail – the best virtual software for PCs

Currently, Panoee supports monthly Subscriptions. You can switch between the “Befriend” plan (FREE) & “Companion” plan (PREMIUM). Essentially, when you stop subscribing, your Projects will still stay on the platform and your Virtual Tours will continue to be accessible usually without any restriction, including advanced features. At this time, your Plan will change to the “Befriend” Plan automatically, and still, you can access all your Projects’ editors and keep using free features while the premium ones are unable to edit, along with uploading new media in case the storage is under 20Gb of user data, or calculate the billing by $0.12 per every additional 1Gb of Data.

Creating a 360 virtual tour with Panoee – video tutorial.

Following these simple steps and getting guidance to create a 360 virtual tour with Panoee. 

Getting a 360 – degree camera.

Need to use a dedicated camera to create a virtual tour, not a regular phone camera (this part is usually provided by the agency to the client)

Panoee develops an app/browser in conjunction with dedicated camera providers (partnership) to support users to create virtual tour videos.


Users often tend to take pictures of raw houses/sites in the before/after state; use effects available on Panoeee (like sun,…) to make the video scene more vivid

Exporting photos and creating a virtual tour of the Panoee

The user creates an account, then creates a project (similar to premiere), uploads photos/videos and then uses a tool to link the photos/videos and create videos directly on the browser/app,

Users can name each scene, then connect these scenes together to form a complete 360 video.


After creating the complete video, the user renders the video online.

– To use the created video, the user copies the link and then embeds it on the website.

– Users can attach the right copy of the creator’s information to the video, attach a logo and customize it according to the purpose (PR, concealer, .etc) in any position that the user wants to place.

To enable a screen reader, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn more about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash.

How to create a virtual tour – video tutorial.

Absolutely. You can ask for a refund whenever you feel unsatisfied with the service. Just send us your request to, and the refund will be processed in a few days without questions.

You can find the real projects made with Panoee in our Gallery

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