360 Virtual Tour for Industrial Park


In the race of technology and digital transformation, not only retail, real estate, furniture fields… are applying new technologies to reach customers. In fact, businesses in the industrial sector are also applying VR (Virtual Tour) technology to their work. Virtual Tour for industrial park can help customers experience the entire facilities, campus space and interact with every location of the project on any device or browser.

Virtual Tour 360 Solution for Industrial Park

Keeping up with new technology trends, many industrial parks around the world have quickly deployed virtual reality solutions for their projects. However, Tour 360 for industrial parks is still quite new in Vietnam. The number of industrial park owners who understand the benefits of this virtual tour is not many, but perhaps in the near future, more people will realize the need for this technology.

VR Tour 360 was created to help customers, partners and businesses see the overview as well as details of the industrial park, which helps bring about high efficiency in association, cooperation, leasing, buying or business investment. Virtual Tour for industrial park helps users actively interact, role-play and visit in multi-dimensional space in real time. Users can access on most types of smart devices (phones, laptops, PCs, Tablets, VR Glasses, …) and on a variety of browsers and platforms (webbase, youtube, …). In addition, users can easily interact, move, rotate 360 space, zoom in, out, etc. to observe all spaces inside and outside the industrial park easily.

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Applications of Virtual Tour for industrial park

1. Experience the real space of project in Virtual Tour

VR Tour 360 was created to completely replace the real environment around the viewer. Virtual Tour for industrial park helps viewers actively interact, role-play and visit in multi-dimensional space in real time. Viewer can access on most types of smart devices (phones, laptops, PCs, Tablets, VR Glasses, …) and on a variety of browsers and platforms (webbase, youtube, …). In addition, viewers can easily interact, move, rotate 360 space, zoom in, out, etc. to observe all spaces inside and outside the industrial park easily.

2. Exploring each area in the industrial park

With Tour 360, users can choose between moving according to the directional arrows on the screen. By moving in these arrow directions, users will have the experience of visiting and moving through each area in the industrial park. In addition, viewers can choose to move to the desired area via the integrated moving map displayed right on their screen.

3. Checking machinery in industrial zones by using Virtual Tour for industrial park

Tour 360 is integrated and compatible on all smart mobile devices, so as long as a device is connected to wifi, you can easily experience visiting the virtual industrial park and explore every corner, every equipment inside. This feature helps you feel the most clearly and honestly about the facilities of the industrial park through extremely delicate details.

4. Register to view the project and confirm the rental

For the industrial park, after experiencing the Virtual Tour, customers can register to see the project or rent space here. This feature is integrated to help users manipulate with just a few simple clicks to schedule an appointment, confirm the agreement to rent a area in the industrial park.

Typical features integrated in Virtual Tour 360 for industrial parks

1. Locate on Google Maps

This feature helps customers determine the location of the industrial park project they are interested in, see the surrounding utilities, and then consider it to make an accurate decision.


2. Virtual table in Virtual Tour for industrial park

Like many real estate projects, the application of a virtual table solution to the Virtual Tour for an industrial park is a perfect illustration. Customers and partners can observe the industrial park under a 360-degree panoramic view with an overview and realistic image. This solution clearly shows the current advantages such as spreading scale, planning, and the convenient transportation system of the industrial park. Moreover, Tour 360 also helps users interact with moving by clicking on the points they want to visit between areas.

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3. Floor Plan

A particularly convenient and smart function integrated right on the Virtual Tour for the industrial park is Floor plan. Floor plan helps customers know where they are in the industrial park, where their vision is heading to be able to move to other points quickly. This function really helps users to take the initiative, visualize the project in a scientific, simple and easy way.

4. Integration of 3D Model in Tour 360 for Industrial Park

For areas that have not yet been formed in the industrial park, the 3D Model function allows owners to integrate more 3D content and images into the experience tour, thereby helping customers have an intuitive, complete view to that area in the future.

5. Visiting the production process with Video 360

If you just need to describe the surrounding space in the most realistic and general way, VR Tour has provided all the necessary things for a virtual tour that you need. However, your business can also consider a 360 Video solution if this tour needs to focus on promoting product manufacturing processes, moving or activities occurring in factories or processing areas. 

360 video is different from normal video in that it shows all the viewing angles, the flexibility in moving to the desired position. Moreover, 360 video also allows the integration of attached information such as 2D photo, text, voice, etc. Thanks to that, viewers can easily visit the production space and at the same time understand the operation or production process.

6. Virtual tour guide

Virtual Tour 360  will become more friendly with the virtual tour guide feature.  This feature will integrate a Tour Guide to guide viewers directly. In addition, Virtual Tour 360 can also integrate with many different languages, helping to diversify the approach to many customer groups.

7. Live Guide Tour

Live Guided Tour allows agents or managers of the industrial park to directly video call and guide customers while they are experiencing Tour 360 on a smart device. This feature helps customers ask questions to the agent, receive direct guidance from the agent, thereby having the most perfect project experience.

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Benefits of Tour 360 for industrial zones

With all the great features integrated, Tour 360 for Industrial Park will increase online interactivity, save time, travel costs and help customers learn everything related to the project.

If you want to design a Virtual Tour for your industrial park, do not hesitate to visit our website: for the fastest consultation.

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