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Years of exeperience

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Cost savings

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8K capture

8K/32MP resolution makes it very competative camera for a lot of high end uses cases. In this case the 8K is captured using 4 photos and stitched which makes quality even better.

HDR capture

In-built HDR makes the images absolutely gorgeous especially combined with their Any scene technology. Tough contrasts are taken care of easily.

Dedicated iOs and Android apps

Trisio Lite 2 will help you to easily capture 360 images, using Trisio360 camera app on your mobile device. ( iOS &/or Android)

Single-lens Design

The built in precision-motor allows the camera to rotate by itself using NodeRotate technology to capture the best indoor shots.

Instant Stitching

No lengthy stitching, the panoramas are created instantly and ready to be upload to your Virtual tour software.

Deep Integeration with TeliportMe

TeliportMe software integerates deeply with the Trisio camera and supports all the Images taken from the camera.


The best products in the industry

88 Húsið


Thatch Caye resort

Đại Nội Huế

Lăng Minh Mạng

Hopkins Bay resort

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What people say

“ One of the best single click 360° cameras on the market; simple and easy to use. Furthermore affordable and with a strong proactive development and support team behind it. Really a great product. ”

“ The best virtual tour tool. Fast communication, frequent updates, intuitive. Very very nice !! ”

“ It was love at first sight. Flexible to stick the needs, offers great quality for reasonable price. It's easy to use and... outcome is absolutely fantastic. Stable platform to grow VT business. Developing team provides updates and new features almost every week. It's insane how good they are! ”

Frequently asked questions

Yes, capture the images with Trisio (which stitches the images and creates the 360 photos) and upload them to your GoThru account. Use the Real Estate template and have a detailed virtual tour of the house https://tourmkr.com/F1vVHxF2U6

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No, the 360 images are automatically stitched by Trisio Lite 2.

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Trisio Lite 2 is designed with one lens that rotates 360 degrees. Because of this design, the camera is not capable of creating a 360 video. But this makes the camera perfect for 360 photos (Real Estate, Inside Businesses, Construction etc)

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Yes, Trisio is the right camera for starting a business on capturing the inside of the businesses and with GoThru platform to publish the virtual tours to Google Street View.

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Because the camera is capturing HDR images and it is auto-stitching them to create the 360 images, there is no RAW capability

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Yes, you can download the images. Here is a sample of the original files from Trisio, with no processing https://gothru.co/moderation/2/Dsv_hWFVUyM7wNmb5wJfsP.zip Here is a link of the 360 images in a tour created with GoThru https://tourmkr.com/F1vVHxF2U6

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