Trisio lite 2.
The easiest way to take high-resolution panorama images.

By using aspherical distortion-free optical lens and sophisticated CNC motor, combining with nodeRotate technology, Trisio lite 2 3D virtual camera can precisely capture the ambient light, especially indoor spaces. Just simply press the shutter, you can get perfect 8K 32MP high.


High-quality & innovative 360° Virtual Tours in minutes with beautiful themes & unlimited customization.


Excellent commercial grade lens modules to deliver 8K and 32 megapixel high resolution panoramas.

8K capture

8K/32MP resolution makes it very competative camera for a lot of high end uses cases. In this case the 8K is captured using 4 photos and stitched which makes quality even better.

HDR capture

In-built HDR makes the images absolutely gorgeous especially combined with their Any scene technology. Tough contrasts are taken care of easily.

Dedicated iOs and Android apps

Trisio Lite 2 will help you to easily capture 360 images, using Trisio360 camera app on your mobile device. ( iOS &/or Android)

Single-lens Design

The built in precision-motor allows the camera to rotate by itself using NodeRotate technology to capture the best indoor shots.

Instant Stitching

No lengthy stitching, the panoramas are created instantly and ready to be upload to your Virtual tour software.

Smart software Integration

Smart software integrates deeply to the Trisio camera and is able to support all Images taken from the camera.

Trisio combines Panoee.
The Best combo.

88 Húsið


Thatch Caye resort

The Imperial City of Hue

Emperor Minh Mang's tomb

Hopkins Bay resort

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What people said about Panoee

“It is simple and intuitive to use. One of the top single click 360deg cameras available. Also, it is very affordable, with an active support team and development team. A great product.”

“"The best tool for virtual tours. Fast communication, frequent updates, intuitive. Very awesome!!"”

"It was love at first glance. Flexible enough to accommodate the demands and provide excellent quality at an affordable cost. It's simple to use, and the results are amazing. It's a stable platform that can grow VT business. The team that develops the platform is constantly updating and adding new features nearly every week. It's incredible how great these guys are!"

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can capture the photos using Trisio (which stitches the photos together and produces 360-degree photographs) and upload the images into the Panoee account. Utilize your Real Estate template to create an in-depth virtual tour of the house.

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No, the 360 images are stitched automatically through Trisio Lite 2.

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Trisio Lite 2 is designed with a lens that can be rotated 360 degrees. Due to this design, it isn't capable of making 360 videos. However, this camera is ideal for 360-degree photos (Real estate, Inside Businesses, Construction and more)

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Absolutely, Trisio is the right camera to begin a new business that focuses on taking pictures of the inside of companies. The Panoee platform lets you publish your digital tours on Google Street View.

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Because the camera is recording HDR images and stitching them automatically to make 360-degree images, there aren't any RAW capabilities.

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Yes, you are able to download the images. Here's the link to the 360 images from an interactive tour made with Panoee

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