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Furniture is a fiercely competitive market, in order to attract customers, besides improving the quality of products, designs, models and good services, the display of showroom space is also very important in the customer decision making. Applying VR (Virtual Reality) technology, the 360 Tour for interior showroom (Virtual tour 360) is a new step in this industry with outstanding advantages in visual experience for potential customers, bringing about great benefits for both customers and businesses.

Virtual Tour

The trend of Virtual Tour for interior showroom in the world

Besides selling at traditional stores, selling furniture products online is a trend. But the question is how to attract customers’ attention with products sold online? How to make them more beautiful and sparkling in the eyes of customers? And how to keep customers on the website to learn and buy products? To solve these problems and capture new technology trends, many famous furniture brands in the world have applied 360 Tour  for their showrooms.

Instead of using unattractive 2D images, limited view of the product on the website and not enough to convince customers to buy. Now, the virtual reality showroom tour will solve all problems, customers just need to click on the link to be able to set foot in the actual showroom right on their mobile phone.

VR solution in Virtual tour for furniture showroom

In the furniture business, high-end furniture lines will often have a separate display space in the showroom. These areas not only show the highlights of the product, but also help buyers have an overview of the furniture and consider whether the interior design is suitable for their living space.

Visitingwith 360 Tour for interior showroom is a big step forward when the showroom is designed and built with a 3D model, identical to the actual showroom, so that customers can experience the full features and detailed design of the products they want.

1. Visiting Virtual Showroom at home

Applying virtual reality to Tour showroom 360 makes online shopping more interesting, transparent and reliable than traditional buying methods. Customers can easily move in the real space of the showroom with just a few clicks of the mouse, they can also check the products through many different perspectives.

Interior Showroom
IKEA Showroom 360

2. Searching furniture display area quickly

With 30 Tour technology, customers can fully actively navigate the tour and select their favorite areas, thereby saving a lot of travel time. Customers can interact with the product in a 360-degree space, all space will be reproduced as realistic and vivid as you are standing in the actual showroom.

Interior Showroom

3. Seeing details about the size, material, … of furniture products on any device

With Tour 360 technology, all product information, size parameters, prices, materials,… even customer reviews can be displayed directly on the product. Customers will freely research and choose the most suitable products in the virtual showroom without having to go to the place.

In addition, this technology also helps furniture businesses save money for consultants. No need for a consultant, customers can still fully visualize the product on any smart mobile device, and actively choose to buy anytime, anywhere. Even buyers can easily share your products and space with their family and friends. This is also considered a new technology trend that opens up many opportunities for the furniture industry globally and in Vietnam.


4. Customizing materials, colors,… for interior products

VR technology is considered a revolution in the furniture industry. This technology allows customers to customize the product, they can change the material, pattern, color,…. just by simple operations on mobile devices. This feature is extremely suitable for customers who want to order their own furniture.

In addition, VR technology also visually describes the sound and sound emitted, giving customers the most realistic experience, thereby helping customers to visualize exactly the product they want.



5. Placing the order simply

With this feature, customers can view products and easily shop online while visiting the virtual showroom.


Typical features integrated in Virtual Tour 360 for interior showroom

1. Integrated Virtual Tour Guide

The Virtual Tour guide feature makes the customer experience on the Tour Showroom 360 model more friendly and intimate. The integrated virtual tour guide helps guide customers directly, increasing the audio-visual experience. From there, there are more directions, navigation and information for customers to visit more easily. Besides, this feature also integrates many different languages.

2. Live Guide Tour

Live Guided Tour is a feature that allows consultants to video call directly and guide customers while they are experiencing Tour 360 on smart devices.

This feature of the 360 showroom tour is the perfect replacement for the traditinal 2D instruction manuals, overcoming all limits of time and space, removing obstacles in weather conditions, traffic, and people. Sales person can now more easily and confidently introduce product images online to customers, customers can also get answers to questions faster through interactive video calls.


3. Moving floor plan

Another function integrated on the Tour 360 is the Moving Plan (Floorplan). This feature will help customers accurately determine the current location and can quickly move to other locations in the virtual showroom with just one mouse click.


How to get a Virtual Tour for the furniture showroom?

Showroom is the face of the business in front of a series of partners and customers. An impressive and professional virtual reality showroom design will partly show the strengths and capabilities of the business, and at the same time make customers more confident in your brand and products. Embrace the trend and create a competitive edge today!

If you are looking to build a 360 Tour for furniture showroom, do not hesitate to visit our website https://panoee.com/ for more details.

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