I thought Panoee was unlimited Free forever?

Absolutely. Panoee is still a free platform and will keep being free, as we declared in our manifesto.

During one year of running Panoee, we continuously did the survey and found out that most of our users only use 20% of essential features. But in the meantime, we also collected lots of feedback or request for specific customization or to upgrade new advanced features. So we decided to re-design our business model to meet this emerging need, which allows us to provide more features and benefits sustainably in 5-10 years.

Anyway, we believe this change will bring more value to our community, as Panoee can have more resources to develop more features quickly, including free ones. Simultaneously, this provides the Panoee team a guarantee, a commitment to keep maintaining Panoee as an essential Platform for everyone, for any needs of creating & publishing Virtual Tours.