Add More Interactive Hotspots

Adding interactive hotspots is easy when you only need to drag any hotspots into your scene, but each of them has different objectives. This tutorial will explain the use of each:


1. Street Direction: To point the direction of the next destination.

2. Point: An alternative of street direction with a specific location.

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3. Media Video: Add a direct video to your virtual tour.

4. Media Image: Add a direct image to your virtual tour.


5. Image: Add popup image(s) to your virtual tour as a gallery.

6. Article: Provide information as an article for virtual tour visitors.

7. Video: Add an online popup video instead of the direct video.

8. Sound: Add a popup sound with an online URL or .mp3 file.

9. Link: Add an online URL to access or Iframe format (Open directly in the virtual tour).

10. Product: Introduce commercial or non-commercial products to visitors.